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Description of HR Model. What is it?
What is the HR Model? How does it work? Why does Human Resources need it?
Strategic Link between HR Management and HR Model
How does the HR Model affect other components of human resource management?
HR Model Benefits
Speed, flexibility, customer orientation, cost optimization, high performance and crisis resistance are the main benefits of the HR Model. Why?
Four HR Roles by Dave Ulrich
David Ulrich's HR Model is a classic and many HR departments are set up according to its principles. What are they?
HR Model Design
How to create an HR Model? What does a good proposal look like and what does it contain?
David Ulrich’s Model Benefits
Creating an HR Model is hard work that requires a lot of effort from every member of the HR team, but it brings many benefits. What are the main benefits?
HR Model
A good HR Model is the cornerstone of the HR department. It allocates responsibilities, gives rules for the organizational structure and defines the division of processes
What has Dave Ulrich given and taken away?
Dave Ulrich is an HR guru who has fundamentally transformed the world of Human Resources. What has he given us and what has he taken away?

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