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Personnel Management in Socialist Countries
Socialism was a huge experiment which also impacted how people were employed. What was special about personnel management in Eastern Europe? Read more.
Future of Human Resources Management
What are the latest trends in HR Management? What is the future of the funtion? Read more.
Current Human Resources Management
Why does current Human Resources Management looks like it does? What are the trends? And how did it all begin?
HR Management in 70s and 80s of 20th Century
In 70s of 20th Century there was a boom in the development of Human Resources Management. What happened? Read more.
Personnel Management in 20th century
Personnel Management was an important step in the overall development of Human Resources Management. Why? Read more.
Beginnings of HR Management
This is the moment when the modern HR Management /still way to go/ started to arise...
Evolution and Background of HR Management
A few points on evolution and background of Human Resources in the past.
Key Milestones in HR Management History
What are the critical turning points in History of Human Resources? Read more.
Brief History of Human Resources Management
Human Resources is a modern business function, but it has its history, it started in ancient China and evolved into a modern strategic partner. Read more.

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Conducting a Workforce Analysis | 23-04-07
Workforce analysis evaluates current workforce capabilities, identifies gaps, forecasts future needs, and develops strategies to align talent with organizational goals.
Administrative Expert in Dave Ulrich's HR Model | 23-04-06
Administrative Experts streamline HR processes, manage compliance, optimize efficiency, and utilize HRIS, ensuring a well-structured HR function for organizational success.
Employee Champion in Dave Ulrich's HR Model | 23-04-06
Employee Champions are vital HR advocates, fostering engagement, talent management, conflict resolution, and change, while promoting well-being and work-life balance.
Change Agent in Dave Ulrich's HR Model | 23-04-06
Introduce a Change Agent by gaining leadership support, selecting a skilled individual, providing training, establishing a reporting structure, and monitoring progress.
Strategic Partner Role in Dave Ulrich's HR Model | 23-04-06
Strengthen the Strategic Partner role through understanding strategic priorities, aligning HR practices, fostering collaboration, developing HR competencies, and leveraging analytics.
Styles of Leadership | 23-04-05
Leadership styles are diverse, ranging from autocratic to democratic, and each style has its own strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these styles is critical for HR professionals to select the right approach, develop and support leaders, and create a culture of continuous improvement and growth.
Employee Development Strategies | 23-04-05
Employee development strategies enhance workforce skills and knowledge. Common strategies include on-the-job training, formal programs, mentoring, job rotation, and e-learning.
Strategic Workforce Planning Metrics | 23-04-03
Strategic workforce planning metrics help HR managers optimize processes, foster diversity, boost engagement, refine recruitment, and drive business performance.
Strategic Workforce Planning Model | 23-04-03
Strategic workforce planning aligns HR with business needs, optimizing talent acquisition, retention, development, and succession for long-term competitive advantage.
What is Strategic Workforce Planning | 23-04-03
Strategic workforce planning (SWP) aligns talent management with business objectives to ensure the right people, skills, and roles drive success and adaptability.