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Recruitment Analytics
Recruitment analytics is the process of analyzing recruitment data in order to gain a competitive advantage in the hiring process. By understanding how candidates are finding your company, where they are coming from, and what kind of recruitment methods are working best, you can more efficiently fill open positions.
How to know when it's time for a strategic change
Are you seeing any of the signs that indicate a strategic change is necessary? If so, read this article for tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible.
How can I reduce employee turnover in my business?
How can Human Resources reduce employee turnover by taking simple steps.
HR Management Software (HRIS)
A modern Human Resources Function needs to be supported by a strong and resilient HRIS solution. How to choose the right one?
HR Scorecard
HR Scorecard is similar to regular Balanced Scorecard, and it has a great quick performance review tool showing how Human Resources meets its goals and targets.
Strategic Planning in Human Resources
Without a strategic plan Human Resources cannot turn from tactical to strategic department. How to think and plan strategically? Find out.
HR Metrics, Measurement and HR Benchmarks
What you do not measure that does not exist. How to measure HR Processes and what are the key HR Metrics. Find out.
HR Data Model
A great HR Function always keep a clear data model showing where data are born, which system is a master and who is maintaining data in Human Resources
SWOT Analysis (also in Human Resources)
SWOT Analysis is a simple but very powerful tool for analyzing a company, department, product or process. It looks at the challenge as a whole and works best as a team effort.
Employee Turnover
Employee turnover is a basic and critical HR metric, which shows the ratio between leavers and the total workforce. Why is it important and how to manage turnover.
Benchmarking is a common technique where a company compares its performance ... either internally or externally and identifies vulnerabilities and strengths
Storytelling is a top skill of leadership, the presenter does not present a dry presentation but tells a compelling story that engages the audience. How?
HR Analytics
HR Analytics is a basic component of High Performance Human Resources Function and it support the competitiveness of the organization. How?

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Annual Bonus | 23-03-23
Annual bonuses can boost motivation, retention & company success, but clarity, fairness, & transparency are key to avoid dissatisfaction & increased turnover.
Profit Sharing Compensation Scheme | 23-03-23
Profit sharing schemes align employee interests with company success, boosting motivation, engagement, and collaboration, while requiring careful implementation.
Skill-Based Pay | 23-03-22
Skill-based pay rewards employees for skills & competencies, fostering growth, adaptability & satisfaction. Despite challenges, it's a valuable modern pay strategy.
Total Rewards Approach | 23-03-22
Total Rewards Approach combines compensation, benefits, work-life balance, career development, and recognition to attract, retain, and engage top talent.
Strategic Compensation | 23-03-22
Strategic compensation is a long-term approach that aligns an organization's compensation practices with its overall business strategy, including attracting and retaining top talent, motivating employees, and achieving business goals. It involves designing a compensation plan that is competitive, fair, and sustainable, while also promoting employee engagement and productivity.
Why do people hate Human Resources? | 23-03-20
People may have a negative perception of Human Resources (HR) departments due to their role in enforcing company policies and procedures, as well as for their involvement in employee layoffs and terminations. HR is also often seen as bureaucratic and disconnected from the frontline workers.
Competency Model | 23-03-19
Competency models outline essential skills, knowledge, and behaviors for success, enhancing talent management, employee development, and organizational performance.
How to Choose Between Internal or Outsourced HR Management Solutions for Small Businesses | 23-03-19
Choosing between internal & outsourced HR solutions impacts employee engagement, performance & company culture. Weigh pros & cons, involve stakeholders, and plan for smooth transitions.
Insubordination | 23-03-19
Insubordination is willful disobedience or disrespect towards authority, causing reduced productivity, lower morale, and potential legal issues. Addressing it is crucial.
Vision and Mission: A Guide for HR Professionals | 23-03-18
HR professionals play a pivotal role in leveraging vision & mission statements, driving organizational growth and fostering a committed, engaged workforce.