Why I love the Pomodoro technique and you should too.

The Pomodoro Technique

A new website is always about compelling content. As SEO and content gurus say - the content is the king. However, there is a small snag. You always start with a blank piece of paper. You have a great idea, but you have to turn it into a huge and engaging story.

Translating ideas into stories is difficult. You can always choose to procrastinate because the Internet is full of fun. Well, that...

Pay for Performance and Employee Motivation

Pay for Performance and Employee Motivation

Leaders and Managers want to make Human Resources fully accountable for the employee motivation. They tend to make anyone in the business accountable at the moment when the motivation of employees decreases and the profitability of the business is on a steady decline. In such a moment, the pay for performance can be seen as the right tool to engage employees and boost the productivity and...