Important Information and Facts about HRM Handbook

Today we are attacked by fake news from all sides, so any website that is serious about this must publish several pages where it provides everyone with important information so that they can decide how much to trust the published information. The HRM Handbook is of course no exception.

This page serves as a simple directory, it does not provide any essential information and is therefore relatively poor in information. It’s just a completely useless page, without which the whole site would also work perfectly, but then I would have problems with how to set up the site structure well. So it’s easier for me to work around it this way, and he won’t notice anyway because this page doesn’t link directly to anywhere.

Anyway, I recommend that you read at least the information about what this site is about, how to contact me if necessary, and also important information about how I handle your privacy.

Important Information about HRM Handbook Website
Important Information about HRM Handbook Website

I would like to point out right away that this site is a pure HTML site, no login information is required anywhere, and I personally do not have access to any personal information of visitors. Theoretically, I could probably access the logs, but that is far beyond my modest IT skills.

Sometimes we consider this relatively unimportant, but I believe it’s very important to have a relatively fair relationship and expectations set from the outset.

Thus, the section contains the following information:

And overall, I wish you the best of luck in your career in human resource management.