How HR Development Training Supports HR Strategy and HR Planning

The HR Training Program has to be clearly linked with other important HR components as HR Strategy, HR Planning and HR Development. The HR Training Program cannot exist like a single activity with no direct link to the real job of Human Resources in the organization. The HR Training helps to connect the real job of HR staff with the HR Strategy as the output of HR is visible and clearly recognized by the organization.

The idea behind the HR Training program is about the development of HR employees as they become the real professionals and the organization increases its competitive advantage on the job market. The real professionals in Human Resources are able to identify the gaps in the organizational design, management practices and employee relations and they run initiatives against the gaps.

HR Training link to HR Strategy

The HR Strategy defines the background for all HR activities with the value added. The HR Training Program has to be definitely connected closely with the HR Strategy as the HR team cannot be trained in different skills and competencies, which are requested by the HR Strategy.

The design of the HR Training Program is difficult and unique for each organization as it has to be tightly connected with the HR Strategy and it has to use the language of the company as the employees understand the main messages the same way.

The HR Strategy is about the approved vision of Human Resources and the HR Management Team is fully committed to the successful implementation of the vision as the top management believes Human Resources will follow its vision without excuses.

The HR Training Program has to use the inputs from the HR Strategy development process as these remarks and documents are extremely useful. During the HR Strategy development, the team responsible for the preparation of the HR Strategy identified many gaps and areas for the improvement. If the team responsible for the HR Training Program does not want to lose the credit among HR employees, it has to use the documents and findings identified earlier and it has to mention the source of the additional information. Otherwise, the HR staff will see, it is nothing new and they will not trust the HR Training Program.

HR Training link to HR Development

The HR Training is a definite part of the HR Development. The HR Training Program is the main training and development activity of the HR team, which is enriched by other listed training courses in specialized areas of Human Resources, like the job interviewing skills, compensation and benefits specialized training and career development programs.

The HR Development has the goal of improving the performance and professionalism and preparation of the HR staff to the challenges coming in the future. The HR Development is expensive and the investment has to be prepared in a big detail describing all benefits for Human Resources and the organization.

The HR Training Program and the HR Development are closely connected as they use the same sources of the information. The basic information for both initiatives are the results of the gap analysis, which identifies the areas with the biggest potential for the improvement and with the highest impact on the customer satisfaction.

The management of Human Resources has to be aware to connect the developmental activities in HR with the general HR training program as HR team benefits from both activities.

The HR Development is focused more on the personal development of the individual members of HR, but the HR Training Program is focused on building the professional HR team, which acts perfectly and all roles in the team co-operate.

The HR Development uses the job profiles and responsibilities of the individual members, the HR Training Program is based on the SWOT analysis of the HR team and bridges the biggest gaps and develops the strengths of the whole team to improve the competitive advantage on the job market and helping the organization to increase the performance and to improve the efficiency.

The HR Training Program should not be about the soft-skills mainly, but it should give the basic background for the additional individual soft-skills training courses.