HR Development Training

The effective HR Management needs special HR Training for employees in Human Resources. The HR Employees do not have to just the experts in employee relations, but they have to be skilled in the communication, project management, areas of expertise and many other. The special and customized HR Training has to be developed for the HR Department as its professionalism and quality of services grow constantly. The HR Training is not just a training in HR Skills and HR Competencies, but it the managerial training as well.

HR Training Summary

Human Resources is a complex business function, which develops the human capital for the organization as it can face the market challenges successfully. The HR staff has to be trained in special HR skills and competencies as Human Resources receives the best HR Know How, develops its employees and increases the satisfaction of the internal clients. The dedicated HR training is a priority for the HR Management.

The dedicated HR Training is not just about the theoretical training sessions, but it includes the HR Practice and rotations to the internal customers. The real HR Professionals know the business of the internal clients and they are able to customize the general HR solution to the needs of the internal clients without asking the general questions.

The dedicated HR Training should be designed as the complete HR Training Program, which should cover all HR Processes, new approaches in Human Resources, trends in the business and society and developing the HR Skills and Competencies.

HR Development Training Section Content

What is HR Training about?

The HR Training is focused on increasing the efficiency and professionalism of the HR Team and this is the main goal of the HR Training Program. The HR Training Program is based on the daily HR Practice, identifying the gaps in procedures and processes and leads the participants to do better HR Management every day. The effective HR Management is about small and constant improvements every day as the HR Function grows with its clients.

The HR Training has to be focused on these main areas:

  • Business Strategy, HR Strategy and the impact on Human Resources
  • Internal and External Clients of HR
  • Main HR Roles in the Organization
  • HR Process Management and Process Measuring
  • HR Project Management
  • New trends in Human Resources and HR Best Practice
  • HR Team building

The HR Training is not focused on the expertise in the specific HR area as this should be received through different training courses, but this program is focused on building the common HR language in the department and sharing the same vision, goals and the same approaches to work.

How should be HR Training structured?

It is a difficult task to structure the HR Training right. It is not a one time activity, but it is a program, which should grow as the members of the team acquire new skills and competencies. The HR Training Program is not an intensive activity for a month and it is not repeated then. The training program has to be divided into several years and it has to be enriched by the new content, new perspectives and the successes of HR team.

The HR Training should involve almost all members of Human Resources as they feel as the real members of the HR Team and they have the possibilities to build the informal relationships with others.

The structure of the HR Training has to be flexible and the trainers have to ask for the immediate feedback after each course as the program can be improved and the participants feel the enrichment of their work.

The HR Training cannot be just theoretical. After each course, the HR Management should identify the issues, which can be solved using the new skills and the HR staff should focus on solving the issue the new way. It is extremely important, that the reality and the theory are connected and the values demonstrated during the HR Training Program are visible in the approach of Human Resources and in the approach of the HR Management Team every day.