Ideal HR Graduate Program Structure

The HR Graduate Program is expensive and it has to push the participant to their limits as it is successful. The HR Managers can recognize the potential of the participant just in case, they are under the pressure and they have to reach the goals, which are achievable at a high effort. The investment to the HR Graduate Program has to effective and the results must be delivered.

The Ideal HR Graduate Program Structure

The HR Graduate Program has to start with the short introduction for the participants as they can accommodate in the organization and they can recognize the basic business and HR principles of the organization. The introduction and the new hire orientation has to be strictly limited as Human Resources needs the participant to perform as quickly as possible. The orientation should be about the goals of the HR Graduate Program, its composition, meeting with the most important contacts in the organization and assigning the HR Mentor and the Business Mentor. The HR Graduate Program is not just about Human Resources, it is cross-border program and the mentor from the business is extremely important.

The next phase of the HR Graduate Program should be about the short-term internal HR Project. This project should help the participant of the program to identify the main HR Processes, to build the relationship with other team members and they should receive the basic information about the structure of Human Resources, the decision making process in Human Resources and it should generally build the layer, the participants can use as the basis for their internal development. During this phase, the participants of the program should discover the basic principles in the corporate culture and they should be able to become the real members of the HR team.

The next stage in the HR Graduate Program is the rotation through the business function, where the participants have a chance to recognize the business of the organization. They can go deeply into the corporate culture and they can build their innovative view on Human Resources. They should work on the project, which is fully dedicated to the business function, but which will bring benefits for Human Resources. The project has to be strictly limited in the time to complete and the results have to be evaluated by the head of the business function and HR Director. This stage should be the decision moment for the participants about their return to Human Resources function. Some participants can decide, they do not want to continue in the HR Career and they can switch their career to the pure business function management.

The next stage is about management of processes in Human Resources. The participant has to be responsible for the management of several HR Processes and to implement the ideas to improve the processes. This stage is extremely important as it discovers the attention to details and it discovers the negotiation and communication skills. The participant has to co-operate with HR employees and he or she has to make them believe in advantages of the change. It is good basis for the change management. As the progress is successful, the participant of the HR Graduate Program can become responsible for several employees with the full people management responsibility.

The international rotation is the next stage, but this is fully optional. The international rotation is the excellent opportunity to recognize the different cultural approaches to the same issues, even in the same organization. The national culture is always stronger than the corporate culture and this is extremely important to learn, when the HR Graduate Program is expected to work on the international level. The participant should receive the HR Project in the country, he or she does not know as it is a great learning opportunity and it is an excellent challenge.

Finally, the participants should go through the Development Center to identify their strengths and weaknesses as they fully understand their potential for the organization. And when successful, they should be promoted to the regular HR job position and their skills and competencies have to be utilized at max.