Common HR Career Path

The career path is extremely important for the effective Human Resources Management. The HR Career Path offers to employees the vision of the career promotion and the career can be successfully prolonged in the organization. The employees in HR are the experts in the people management and Human Resources Management should prepare the same opportunity for the HR employees as for the rest of the organization.

HR Career Path Content

HR Career Path Summary

The talent development and the career opportunities build the main competitive advantage for the modern organization. The organization with the career path can successfully prolong the employment of the key employees as they see the perspective and future in the organization. The HR Department builds the career paths for the whole organization and identifies the interconnections between different departments. It is the main task for the HR Management to build a strong career path for Human Resources.

Human Resources becomes more specialized and less general than in recent years. The HR Best Practices are developed and each modern organization has to focus on keeping and developing the in-house HR know how. The HR Know How is a key to the successful Human Resources function, which is consistent over a long period of time. Human Resources needs the internal career path as the employees gain the skills and they have time to turn them into competencies.

The HR Career Path has to be developed for the employees as they see the attractive HR Career opportunity and they feel the commitment to learn more as they can gain the benefits of being promoted, getting the pay increase and being more recognized by the organization. The levels in the HR Career Path have to be strictly and visible separated as the employees see the change of the status in HR and the rest of the organization.

General Career Path

The general career path in Human Resources is about designing the different job profiles, which set up the career path and they design the basic set of skills and competencies needed for Human Resources. This set of skills and competencies has to be developed during the career of the employee and the special HR training have to be offered to employees as they have the chance to develop themselves.

The HR Career Path is usually constructed from 3 HR job positions, which demonstrates the general career opportunity in Human Resources:

  • HR Analyst
  • HR Specialist
  • HR Manager

The HR Analyst is the entry job position in Human Resources and the employee has to conduct the repetitive tasks with the value added for the organization and has to learn about the HR Processes. This is a general job position and the employee can specialize in a specified HR area.

The HR Specialist is the fully independent HR job position. The HR Specialist is responsible for the specific HR Process and is responsible for the process monitoring, designing, improvement and development. The HR Specialist has to communicate with the internal clients on the daily basis to obtain the necessary feedback and to present the improvements and changes in the processes.

The HR Manager is the managing HR job position. The HR Manager has to be the people manager and the expert in HR Processes, who is manages the capacity, distributes the tasks among the team members, solves the issues and develops the employees as they can grow on their career paths.