Career in Human Resources

Smart Human Resources has to offer the career opportunities as it keeps know how inside the organization and fully utilizes the potential of the HR employees. As the employees work for Human Resources, they receive skills and enhance their competencies and Human Resources has to build a strong career system to utilize the increased potential of employees.

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Career in HR Summary

Human Resources needs a special profile of employees. HR Employees have to interact with the employees and managers on a daily basis and they have to deal with the business and personal issues. Human Resources is not the employment for everyone as many business leaders believe.

Human Resources develops and changes quickly and the HR Best Practice needs skilled employees, who understand the financial management, business priorities and they are able to connect the finance, business and people in the organization. This is not the easy tasks and Human Resources needs professionals able to complete this mission successfully. HR has to build its HR Career Plan as other functions in the organization, which need to keep the know how and skills inside the function.

The HR employees are forced to rotate through the organization as they gain the additional skills about the business. The HR employees have to learn about the financial management of the organization as they can compare the requests of the managers with the profitability numbers and they can prepare the detailed cost and benefits analysis (called also feasibility study).

Human Resources is an expert in building the career paths for the other departments and key groups of employees in the organization. On the other hand, it does not build a specialized career path for the internal employees and it does not work on talents identification inside Human Resources. As Human Resources is always focused on the rest of the organization, it is not focused internally.

Human Resources has to develop special programs for the university graduates, who want to work in HR and they have to go through several rotations inside HR and few rotations outside HR as they gain the experience for the right HR Management and they can build their own view on the position of the HR function in the organization.
The special development programs and training have to be developed for the rest of HR employees as they can be the real partners in discussions in the organization. They have to understand the business strategy, the priorities and they have to be able to connect the HR solutions with the general needs of the organization.

The HR Management has to focus on selecting the talented HR employees on the regular basis and they have to get the biggest HR challenges to solve as they can enhance their skills and competencies. It is the only way, the HR function can improve its reputation in the organization, just by growing its skills and competencies as the rest of the organization.