Finding A Sweet Spot Position on Job Market

The organization has to have the unique position on the job market. The war for talents is tough, and just the best organizations can afford to hire the talents. The other organizations have to hire a lower quality. The recruitment strategy helps to build a competitive position on the job market.

The recruitment strategy is not just about the preferred recruitment sources and the recruitment methodology used in the organization. The recruitment strategy is based on a detailed recruitment analysis, and it should build a strong basis for the growth of the brand name of the company on the job market.

The strong recruitment brand name is the competitive advantage. The people do not study details of the vacancies, when they see strong brand name job advertising. They want to enhance their careers by getting into the organization.

The strong recruitment brand name does not have to be expensive. It is a significant difference from the marketing brand name. The brand name on the job market is usually more about the values of the company, the recruitment style and the differentiation from the competitors. Many small organizations have a wider range of recruitment opportunities than their large competitors. They are just able to advertise their advantages smartly.

The competitive position in the recruitment is about:

  • Building the impression of the unique approach to employees
  • Strong corporate values
  • Value of employees as human beings
  • Quick decisions made
  • Innovative solutions for employees to increase the performance and productivity
  • Success Celebration

The organization does not have to advertise individual job vacancies. It can advertise its approach to job candidates. The job candidates make their decision about applying for the potential vacancy in the company. The unique organization can create the value added job position for the best talent.

The recruitment strategy can define the innovative way of the recruitment. The competitive position in the recruitment saves costs and the organization can invest more into HR Marketing. It does not have to invest to different recruitment agencies. The good name of the organization spreads quickly among job candidates. They start to apply for the job positions voluntarily. They observe the corporate job website to find attractive job opportunities. They ask friends for recommendations.

The competitive position in the recruitment is about being the employer of the first choice. The talented candidates want to work for the organization. They do not hesitate to change the career path, when they have the opportunity to join.