Hiring Strategic Job Positions

The strategic recruitment is different from the operational recruitment. The top management closely monitors the strategic positions. Human Resources has to provide the top management with the regular progress report.

The strategic job positions are rare, and just few specialists on the job market are available. The strategic recruitment is expensive.

The HR Recruiter is not the right employee to make a decision. The recruitment strategy has to provide the guidance about the strategic job positions. The top management has to approve the list of job vacancies, which are marked like strategic ones.

What is the strategic job position?

The strategic job positions are directly linked with the business strategy. They are focused on the growth of the organization or significant improvement in the business operations. These job positions usually require the unique set of skills and competencies. The recruitment specialist has to use the different recruitment channels to staff these job positions.

The strategic job positions are temporary job positions in many organization. The people in these job positions are extremely smart, they innovate organizations. They look for the new challenging job opportunity soon. The job positions are usually outside the compensation policy for the rest of employees. The organization has to plan tasks and goals carefully. It has to get most out of the employees in a short time.

The strategic job positions change. The business strategy defines the initiatives for the growth of the company. The business strategy defines the skills needed to build the competitive advantage. HR has to prepare job profiles, and it has to find the best performing recruitment channels.

Role of the Recruitment Strategy

The recruitment strategy has to include the elaborated part about the strategic initiatives. The top managers cannot define the needed skills and competencies exactly. It is the role of Human Resources. The result has to be included in the recruitment strategy after the approval.

HR has to understand the business strategy as it can identify the different strategic job positions. They have to be split into different units. HR has to propose the hiring plan, and it has to set up the realistic time line. The tip management expects the delivery on time as the employees can speed up the implementation of the new business strategy.