Recruitment Strategy and Retention of Key Employees

Today’s organizations are different from the organization known several years ago. The successful companies are based on innovation, strict cost control and bringing the competitive advantage to the market. The recruitment strategy has to reflect the changing world of organization. The recruitment strategy has to attract the best brains on the job market.

The war for talents defines the recruitment strategy today. The employees create the competitive advantage. The organization unable to hire the talents is striving and disappearing from the job market. However, the organization has to set the internal environment (corporate culture, the decision lines, the organizational structure) in support of the creative and innovative employees. The best recruitment strategy can attract the creative talents, but they can leave the organization, when there is a mismatch between the recruitment strategy and the real corporate culture.

The retention of employees is also the recruitment issue. The retention is about the protection of the key employees with the unique know-how for the organization. Many managers tend to mark all employees as the key employees, but it is difficult. The organization cannot protect all employees from being hired by competitors at an affordable price.

The retention policies are usually the responsibility of the Career Development and Talent Management. The recruitment specialists should be contributing strongly to the development of the retention policy. The recruitment strategy should be setting the key job positions, which should be included in the retention program.

The recruitment strategy has to include the part about the retention of key employees. Many times, they do not need any expensive retention program. They need to accelerate the career path and unblock the potential.

The entire recruitment strategy includes the promotion of the organization on specialized conferences from the industry. The best people are allowed to present the results of the internal development and demonstrate the best practices to others. It is the best support the recruitment strategy can give to the retention of the key employees.

The recruitment strategy without the retention chapter does not work. The employees can be hired using the expensive recruitment sources. The employees leave the company, when they realize their potential is not used fully.

The challenging environment and outstretching limits (like specialized training budget) are essential to build the state-of-the-art organization. The recruitment strategy has to support the inflow of the talents. The recruitment specialists should focus on the identification of key missing skills. They should push the talents through the organization when they are identified and found. The recruitment strategy cannot make more.