Incorporating Recruitment Agencies as a Strategic Recruitment Source

Recruitment agencies are still an valuable recruitment source for many organizations. The fast growing company has no other opportunity to speed up the recruitment process than using the old and traditional recruitment agencies.

The agencies do necessary job advertisement, the pre-selection of the candidate, organize the job interviews and motivate the job candidate to accept the job offer. The recruitment strategy has to define the role of recruitment agencies in the company and its recruitment process.

Recruitment Agency Benefits

The recruitment agencies have developed and well-performing recruitment sources. They are able to find exceptional quality job candidates quickly. They are able to pre-select the candidates. They are able to change the recruitment style quickly, when they see a low performance of the traditional channels.

For the new company, the recruitment agency can be the only useful recruitment source. The organization has no name. Applying for the job with the new company is a risky business. The agency can act as a guarantee of the company.

The recruitment agency can deliver the end-to-end recruitment process for the new organization. It can easily handle the whole recruitment process, and it can issue the job offers to the successful job candidates. It is the best recruitment strategy for the start-up company.

Recruitment Agencies Costs

Service of the recruitment agency is not cheap. The organization has to pay for the successful placement of the job candidate. It has to pay for other services provided by the agency like the newspaper job advertising.

The recruitment agency usually does not charge any fees for handling the process as the costs of the process management are hidden in the placement fee. The agency usually asks for the up-front payment (or installment) before the cooperation starts. The agency is in a risk, as well.

The costs of the recruitment agency can seem high to the management of the start-up company, but it can be cheaper than hiring the internal HR Recruiter. The company can grow slower than it was initially expected. The payments to the agency are lower, but the HR Recruiter on the payroll is a fixed cost.

Recruitment Strategy inspired by Recruitment Agencies

The company should observe the recruitment agency. It can use the same recruitment sources and recruitment channels in the future. The agency usually tries to hide the sources used, but the managers can ask the candidates.

Managers should always ask about the recruitment channel, information provided and the overall assessment of the services provided by the recruitment agency.

The developing HR Department can set the initial recruitment strategy using the comments and feedback collected from managers. When the strategy works for the recruitment agency, it should work for the start-up organization, as well.