Recruitment and Staffing Process Description

The recruitment and selection process is the key HR process to achieve the satisfaction of managers in the organization. The managers have plans to develop and grow the business, and they need additional employees to achieve the goals and targets. They need a strong support from HR side in the recruitment. The recruitment process has to be described to meet the requirements of managers fully.

The description of the recruitment process is not just about the flowchart of the recruitment process. It is about the roles and responsibilities in the recruitment process as the managers fully understand the details of the process when they apply to fill the job vacancy.

Drawing the recruitment process flowchart is the easiest part of the recruitment process description. The good recruitment process description explains the duties and the time limits for the successful recruitment of the new employee and sets the expectations of the key clients of the recruitment process. The recruitment process is not conducted for HR. The recruitment is done for the key clients – managers.

The managers have to understand their duties, and they have to understand, what steps have to be done before the regular recruitment process starts. The recruitment process has to be documented, and the clear decisions during the recruitment of the individual job candidate have to be made.

The recruitment process has to be strict, and conditions for the start of the recruitment process have to be clearly defined. The manager has to prove the job vacancy, the job content and the job description have to be delivered and confirmed. The HR Business Partner has to confirm the vacancy and has to define the profile of the ideal job candidate. The recruitment process is about the smooth cooperation of the involved employees (including the hiring manager).