Common Background Check Content

The background check can have several levels as not all job positions to be verified for the same level of details and depth. The background check should be always limited to the minimum number of requested information to obtain the certainty about the facts in the job resume.

The background check is not the replacement of the job interviewing. The HR Recruiter is still fully responsible for selecting the best job candidate. The background check is just the verification and confirmation of information provided.

The background check is the final step of the recruitment process. It can be done before the final job offer is released, but just the last job candidate should go through the background check procedure.

How to determine the necessary data for the background check?

The background check can be the basic verification of the personal data or it can be a complex research of the previous experience, including full references from the companies and managers.

HR acts as the process owner of the background check process in the organization. HR should not make a decision about the size of background checks in the company. HR should run the process and ask for inputs.

The joint team of the Legal, HR, Compliance, Risk Management and Operations should set the basic requirements for background checking of new hires. The team has to protect the organization and has to respect the privacy of the job candidate. It is easy to ask for many details, but the job candidate has to be protected.

The team has to set the required minimum of information needed for the each level of the employee background check procedure. The non-risk job positions should not have a complete background check procedure; the risky job positions can have the complex screening. The financial job positions and the managerial job position can go through the extra credit check.

The credit check should not be a standard part of the employee background check procedure for the common job positions. The managerial job positions carry a higher risk, and the credit check can be a voluntary part of the background check procedure. The background check procedure usually contains the verification of the following areas:

  • Personal data check
  • Previous Experience
  • References from previous employers
  • Criminal Records
  • Credit Check