Twitter as Recruitment Source

Twitter is the rising star of the online recruitment. The companies build communities of dedicated fans and use the community to spread information about job vacancies. Twitter as the recruitment source needs a large community. The message hits a large population just in a large community. The recruitment over Twitter is cheap, but building the community takes time. The company using Twitter shows its human face. The real people from the company post short messages, and they get real followers. Twitter is a strong recruitment source for the modern organizations, who recognize the power of social media. The modern organization has the ability to build a focused community and turn followers into angels promoting the company on the market.

Twitter recruitment relies strongly on the HR social media strategy. More than 70% of Twitter messages are unseen. The social media strategy is focused on building the committed community, which actively follows the company and spreads the positive news. The community has to be facilitated and managed. The good news spread slowly, the bad news spread quickly. The company cannot stop spreading bad news. It has to manage the community to work the right way. Twitter can be a dangerous recruitment source, when it is not managed properly.

The art of the online recruitment using Twitter is in proper tagging of the job vacancies. The Twitter community uses the search feature a lot. The messages with no tags have a limited chance to be found. The job vacancy has to be clearly marked as the community members can retweet the posting to their friends. It is a secret weapon of Twitter. The message has to be retweeted as it spreads through different networks of friends. Twittering is about a deep knowledge of the social media. The message with no retweets does not bring any job applicant.

Twitter is a powerful recruitment source for the small companies and start-ups. These companies usually build a committed network of fans quickly and they monitor the progress of the company development closely. They feel committed, and they want to help. The start-up builds a better network than Microsoft. The network can be smaller in the number of followers, but it produces better results in term of identified candidates.

The organization has to trust to fans. It has to believe, the members of the community are able to identify the right job candidate. They are able to make the candidate apply for the job vacancy. However, the company has to be patient. The social media do not produce the right candidates immediately. Growing the relevant community takes time.