Traditional Recruitment Sources

The Internet changed the recruitment process dramatically. Many HR Recruiters expected the death of the traditional recruitment sources like newspaper advertising or the traditional recruitment agencies. The traditional sources of job candidates are still with us. They are vital. They perform. Human Resources should not ignore the traditional recruitment sources.

The traditional recruitment is not about the newspaper advertising. Companies used many creative ways to attract job candidates. They were building the brand name on the job market without using the modern interactive media. The traditional media are still with us, and they are cheaper.

The most traditional job advertisement is the newspaper job advertisement. It is not dead. It still works for specific job positions. The company, which needs to hire many new employees in a short time, has the only option. It can use the mass media, which covers a large target population. It is mainly about the newspapers. They are read. The people remember the job advertisement. They see the message.

The newspaper job advertising helps to build the brand name on the job market quickly. The newspapers have a strong impact on the people. The newspapers always write the truth (as the people believe). The newspaper job advertisement is the efficient investment for the new company entering the market. The brand name spreads quickly. The potential employees can be quickly attracted, and they can be navigated to the company website to apply for a job.

The recruitment agencies are another traditional recruitment source. They were identified as the victim of the Internet job posting. It quickly turned not to be truth. The recruitment agencies are specialized on the prescreening of job resumes, and they are excellent in this recruitment service. Many start-up companies offered the Internet solution to filter job resumes. They were automatic, and they were not efficient. The recruitment agency is still a potent recruitment source. The recruitment agency can reduce the workload in the internal HR department.

The executive search companies are a secure recruitment business. They do a specific business. They find the desired talents in other companies. They have attractive packages. They can do things, which are not ethical in the internal HR department. The executive search companies have a limited number of clients, but they offer extremely attractive top positions. The headhunters never advertise job positions with the name of the client. Their services are confidential, and no one has access to the full details of job applicants. For the top management job vacancies, the executive search is the only option.

The traditional recruitment sources can be still used safely. They deliver attractive job candidates. Many people do not look for the job vacancies on the Internet. The job vacancy has to find them. The traditional recruitment sources are able to find them.