LinkedIn as Modern Recruitment Source

LinkedIn was not set up as the recruitment source. It was set up as the networking site for professionals. The people were allowed to set their profiles and they started connecting each other. They focus on building the professional networks with the same interests. It was the beginning of the story. The recruiters started to join the game. They started to offer jobs. Today, LinkedIn is one of the best recruitment sources for the recruitment agencies specialized on professional job positions. The LinkedIn is the biggest website specialized in the social recruitment.

The social recruitment is the phenomenon. The social media and communities are the modern buzzwords. The social recruitment is a new buzzword in HR. The social recruitment is based on becoming the dedicated and contributing member of the community. On the other hand, the community helps to identify the right potential job candidates for vacancies in the organization. The social recruitment can be used for developing the competitive advantage. The social recruitment can destroy the brand name of the company, when it is not used the right way.

LinkedIn can be used without the recruitment profile, but it is harder for the HR Recruiter to become the member of the community. The HR Recruiter can become a member of the group, which should be targeted. The recruiter can monitor the group and can contact the most active members of the community. It is cheaper, but the active members can block the recruiter, or they can publish the message, which is not honest. The active members receive many job offers, and they are not lucky to get into the conversation to recommend the talent for the job vacancy.

The recruitment access to LinkedIn is a better solution. The members of LinkedIn see, who contacts them. The recruiter does not have to keep talks on topics, he or she is not interested in. The HR Recruiter can offer the opportunity for a phone call to discuss the new, challenging job opportunity. The online community does not like to be disturbed, and the recruiter has to respect the unwritten rules.

LinkedIn cannot be used as the only recruitment source for the company. It is the excellent recruitment source for the professionals, but it does not perform well for the mass job vacancies. LinkedIn is a potent source of the unique skills. Other recruitment sources should be used for mass job positions like Financial Analysts. They perform better; they are quicker.