Facebook as the Recruitment Source

Each HR Recruiter knows the power of LinkedIn. No modern company can exist without the account on LinkedIn to find the best talents. However, Facebook is extremely powerful recruitment source for many companies. They can use Facebook for free, and the job candidates do apply for job vacancies on their own. Facebook connects millions of users. They can be targeted by job offers from the modern company living on Facebook. The recruitment sources always change, and Facebook is the modern star of the online recruitment.

The LinkedIn recruitment is extremely easy to set up. The company has to pay for the recruiter account, and it can browse millions of professionals. It can offer them the job opportunity. They can accept, or they can refuse. Facebook is not that easy, but it produces better long term results.

HR has to implement the smart strategy to build the recruitment platform on Facebook. It has to set up the outstanding HR page on Facebook. The page has to be updated on the regular basis and fans have to find attractive internal information on the page to become fans. The recruitment platform is crucial. The company page with no friend is a dead page, which does not bring any recruitment benefit.

The necessity to build the dedicated online community is the biggest disadvantage of Facebook recruitment. It takes time and HR Recruiters have to take the patient to evolve the community large enough to spread job vacancies to their friends. The recruitment over Facebook is based on spreading vacancies to friends of company fans. Facebook fan page is not the recruitment source on its own. The fans are a key to the successful recruitment at Facebook. The HR Online Strategy is a must be successful on Facebook. The recruitment sources have to be constantly developed. Facebook needs a lot of attention, but it can bring better candidates than other recruitment sources.

The benefit of Facebook as the recruitment source is in spreading the information about job vacancies through the network of friends. Friends always know, who looks for the new job opportunity. They can easily forward the message the right direction. The LinkedIn is about the passive audience; Facebook is about active spreading of information among the interested population. The bigger the population of fans is, the higher impact it has.

Facebook based recruitment does not work, when the community around the company is not large enough to spread information about the job vacancy. Companies use different strategies to build the dedicated online community around the job vacancies. The best online strategy for the developing the community is in posting the fascinating information. HR has to publish information about the internal HR processes. The dedicated community loves to know about HR processes in the organization as they can identify themselves with the company culture and the overall HR style of the organization.

Each recruitment source has its advantages and disadvantages. Facebook is the same story. There are companies, which can benefit largely from Facebook recruitment. Other companies can find out Facebook as extremely poor recruitment source. It does not deliver enough candidates, or it does not deliver the desired quality of job candidates.