Recruitment Sources

The balanced selection of the recruitment sources to be used in the organization is a key success factor for the effective recruitment process. The organization can choose from many recruitment sources as it can optimize the recruitment process. The recruitment sources drive the costs, length and quality of the job candidates (including the number of job resumes needed to handle with).

The organization has to choose the recruitment sources, which work best for the industry. The organization has to find the unique recruitment sources for the key job positions as it attracts the best job candidates sooner than the competitors in the same industry, location and function.

Recruitment Sources Evolution

Some years ago, the selection of the recruitment sources was easy. The web job boards were not in place and newspaper job advertising was ruling the game. It has changed so much from those times. Almost every company had a specific recruitment agency, which was able to handle the newspaper job advertising.

The traditional recruitment sources were:

  • Newspaper Job Advertising
  • Recruitment Agencies (Job Agencies)
  • Headhunters (Executive Search)
  • Referral (Employee’s Recommendations)

The modern recruitment sources are:

  • Web Job Boards
  • LinkedIn
  • Professional Communities Web Sites
  • Facebook

Traditional versus Modern Recruitment Sources

The traditional recruitment sources are not dead. They still deliver the job candidates, and they help to build a quality  brand name on the job market. The newspaper advertising is not the best recruitment source anymore, but it works well for many job positions.

The modern recruitment sources provide the dynamic job candidate who are familiar with modern technologies. On the other hand, HR Recruiters have to be competent to use modern technologies, and they have to learn the art of digging specialized web sites to attract the best talents from them.

There is no winning recruitment source at the moment. Many HR Recruiters believed the Recruitment Agencies will disappear quickly. They are still with us. The recruitment agencies still deliverer job candidates to companies.

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