Recruitment and Compliance

The recruitment process has to be fair, transparent and fully compliant with all legal requirements. The recruitment procedure has to be clearly described and no exceptions in the staffing procedures are allowed. The modern organization encourages employees to apply for job vacancies internally and it has to create the environment of trust and the fair appraisal.

The description of the recruitment process has to be published internally and the basic recruitment principles have to be published externally as employees and job applicant can get the overview about the fairness of the selection procedure.

HR has to make following steps to develop the fair recruitment procedure in the organization:

  • Define clear roles and responsibilities in the recruitment process
  • Develop the clear job profile descriptions for each job vacancy
  • Train HR employees in the employment law and regulations
  • Certify HR Recruiters and test them on the regular basis
  • Train Line Managers in Recruitment Skills
  • Introduce the appeal and complain procedure

The clear roles and responsibilities protect HR and the organization against complaints. The decision makers are defined and they are authorized to make decisions. The complaints against decisions made by unauthorized employees are eliminated. Most complaints in the recruitment come from job applicants, who were rejected by the employee not included in the recruitment procedure.

The clear job profiles make the recruitment process fair and transparent. The job applicants should know all requirements and responsibilities of the job position from the first moment. The hiring manager and the HR Recruiter should not add significant conditions and information during the job interviewing process. The job profile is always a basis for the fair recruitment process.

The recruitment training is the essential requirement for the modern Human Resources. The recruitment training has to be focused on the proper recruitment practices applied in the organization. Many HR Recruiters do mistakes during job interviews as they are not skilled and trained in the employment law. They can ask inappropriate questions resulting in complaints about the fairness of the recruitment process.

The recruitment certificate from the external provider is a good tool to make the recruitment procedures fair in the organization. The external vendor provides the full recruitment training and certificates skills and knowledge. The skilled HR Recruiters are professional and they explore ways to ask difficult questions without attacking the job applicant. The recruitment certificate is not cheap, but the recruitment factory should be professional. The HR Recruiter should not be allowed to conduct job interviews without any certificate.

Managers are the biggest risk for the compliant recruitment process. They are not skilled in the interviewing skills and they believe that they are the best recruiters in the world. There is no exception. HR has to train managers in the recruitment practices and the basics of the employment law on the regular basis. No manager should be allowed to hire new employees without the recruitment training for managers. It is too dangerous to let managers ask questions they want to ask. They have to understand the basic principles and they have to ask just about the job description of the vacancy. They have to ask at all, they are not present at the job interview to speak all the time.

The fair recruitment process has the appeal procedure. The job applicant should understand his/her rights to complain. The job applicant should make a complaint to the organization. The job applicant should not write any article to newspapers. The appeal procedure in the recruitment process provides the useful feedback and can be used as the source of information for improvements and innovations.