Recruitment Process KPIs

The recruitment process has to be measured, and recruitment KPIs have to be set. The effective recruitment process influences the satisfaction of managers and no monitoring of the recruitment activities can result in hugely disappointed managers.

Recruitment KPIs and Recruitment Strategy

The recruitment strategy is a driving document for the recruitment process and the recruitment key performance indicators. The key performance indicators measure the main results of the process and they have to set in accordance with the recruitment strategy. The recruitment specialists (or HR Recruiters) have the recruitment KPIs in their yearly goals, and they have to work on the constant, stable and sustainable improvement of the KPIs.

The recruitment KPIs defines the main areas to be measured in the recruitment process. The recruitment process offers many opportunities for the measurement, and just the key ones can be selected to be the key success factors. The top management of the organization should be informed about the development of the key measures and how the organization is competitive on the external market. The managers should be informed about the positive and negative trends in the recruitment field.

The recruitment KPIs are set as they are attractive for managers in the organization. HR uses the recruitment KPIs to monitor the satisfaction with the recruitment process. For a detailed management of the recruitment, the recruitment measures should be used.

Recruitment KPIs and Recruitment Specialists

The recruitment specialists should use the recruitment KPIs as part of the managers┬┤ requirements. The recruitment KPIs should be consulted with the managers, and they should be agreed internally in Human Resources.

The recruitment specialists are fully responsible for the development of the recruitment process. The recruitment KPIs are their navigation. They can recognize the issues from the measured values, and they can focus their effort the right direction.

The recruitment specialists should be evaluated against KPIs. They should be able to manage the recruitment process on a daily basis to reach the defined targets. The final target can be slightly different, but they should show the healthy trend in the development of the recruitment process.

Recruitment KPIs and HR Business Partners

The HR Business Partner is the salesperson of Human Resources. The salesperson has to know and understand to the details of the offered product. The HR Business Partner cannot make the empty promises to the internal clients.

The business partner should make the recruitment deals with the internal client using the recruitment KPIs. It is not possible to offer the shorter time to hire than the defined KPI in the recruitment dashboard. It is not fair to the HR Recruiter, and it is not fair to the manager.

The recruitment KPIs have to act as the critical basis for negotiations with managers. The recruiters can confirm that they expect shorter time to delivery the job candidates for the specific job position, but they should stick to the recruitment measures. The manager can be surprised by the quick delivery and the strong communication flow from Human Resources. He should not count on the ability of HR to deliver sooner.