Key Recruitment Issues

The recruitment process is a process with many participants interacting together and it can generate many issues in the organization. The design of the recruitment process is different in most organizations, but the issues related with the recruitment are the same.

The recruitment process flowchart can be a really brilliant piece of work, but when it is not strictly followed, the issues will occur immediately. The flowchart is a real basis for the process steps, inputs, outputs and decisions made during selecting the new hire. The recruitment flowchart should be always strictly followed to avoid the recruitment issues.

Common Mistakes and Issues in Recruitment

The following issues are the main showstoppers in the recruitment and they are really present in every organization. No HR Recruiter has a power to stop them all. Sometimes, it is a really urgent hire issue, that the job vacancy is open without any written document. This urgent job vacancy is usually open for a long time before selecting the final job candidate.

Opening Job Vacancy without the Job Description

Managers hate the administration. They do not want to prepare any documents; they want to make the influencing decisions. They do not like to write down a good job description for a new job vacancy in the team. They want a performing team.

The manager has to invest his or her time to write a job description. It is the only tool for the HR Recruiter to select the great job candidates. In other case, the manager will have to interview many people, who are not suitable for the job.

The manager is responsible for the selection of the job candidate. The manager has to have a clear idea about the ideal job candidate.

Communication in Recruitment

The communication channels have to clearly set-up in the recruitment process. The HR Recruiter has to understand, what information is important for the manager and the HR Business Partner. They have to understand, how important the regular feedback is.

Many excellent job candidates are lost as the HR Recruiter and the manager do not communicate. They wait for each other. The job candidates are not patient. They want to receive a final decision as soon as possible.

Final Decision

The manager is responsible to make a final decision in the recruitment process. The manager can be uncertain. In case, the job profile or job description is not defined in a detail, the final decision can take a long time.

It is quite a common recruitment issue, that the manager does not want to make a final decision and asks colleagues to make a “just a quick check”. The job candidate is not ready to come to many other job interview rounds and asks for a final decision. When the job offer comes, the candidate usually refuses it.

No rejection to the Job Candidate

The job candidates should be selected or refused. It is a simple rule of the recruitment process. The common recruitment issue is leaving the candidates on hold or for a consideration. The manager cannot make a decision as many job candidates should be considered.

The HR Recruiter should facilitate the recruitment process as no job candidate is left for a consideration. The job candidate expects some kind of the feedback and it will never come.