Recruitment Competitors Analysis

The recruitment is a highly competitive HR area. The companies are in a constant war for talents. The highly talented people can choose the employer even in tough conditions on the job market. The organization has to analyze the recruitment practices of competitors to find the best way to promote its vacancies.

The organization has to find its recruitment niche to be unique on the job market. The organization has to communicate powerful messages to its recruitment target groups. The recruitment analysis of competitors on the job market helps to build the unique communication message.

Monitor competitors

It is always bright idea to start observing the competitors on the job market. The recruitment specialist can ask a selected group of employees to bring the ideas about the other leading employer on the job market. When the employees notice the competitor, the potential job applicant will notice the job advert, as well.

The HR Manager should ask all leaving employees, how did they find a new job opportunity. They can discover many hidden recruitment sources. There are reports about Facebook acting like the best recruitment source. The company page on Facebook can promote job vacancies to fellows and “I-like” people.

The competitors are in a competition with the organization. All organizations try to explore the sustainable sources of the job candidates. Monitoring the competitors, the organization can keep its position in the long run.

Benchmark the recruitment performance

The recruitment process is the most suitable HR Process for the external benchmarking. The inputs and outputs of the process are unified across organizations. It is about the job vacancy and the new hire. The methodology for the recruitment process benchmarking is standardized, and the companies follow the defined methodology.

The external benchmarking can discover gaps in the recruitment process, and it can navigate the recruitment specialist to find the new recruitment source. The competitors on the job market can have a shorter time to hire and their costs of the recruitment process can be smaller. It is a sign to re-design the recruitment process. It is the sign to research the behavior of competitor on the job market.

Job Candidates as the source for Competitors Analysis

The HR Recruiter has to ask the job candidates about the competitors on the job market. The candidates have a fresh experience with the job search, and they remember the job adverts, which were attractive to them.

The HR Recruiter has to ask questions in a structured way, and it should be in the beginning of the job interview. The HR Recruiter has to make notes about the interesting points.

The recruitment specialist has to make the analysis of other recruitment sources, which were attractive to the job candidates. The new recruitment sources can be usually analyzed through the coming job candidates.