Basic Recruitment Process

The recruitment process in the organization can be extremely sophisticated and focused on grabbing the best talents from the job market and competitors. On the other hand, the organization can set up the extremely straightforward and robust recruitment process. In the early stages of the organizational development, the simplest recruitment process usually works best.

The recruitment process has to respect the goals given to the recruitment and Human Resources. In case, the organization does not need any specific services the most basic recruitment process can be set up to utilize the basic needs of the organization.

The most straight recruitment process can be done within 4 key recruitment process steps:

  • Job Opening
  • Selecting the recruitment source
  • Job Interview
  • Make Offer

The key recruitment steps in detail

Job opening

The basic recruitment process does not require the detailed description of the job vacancy and detailed job description. The HR Recruiter and the manager agree on the basic skills and competencies. The HR Recruiter is responsible for finding the right set of skills and competencies on the job market.

The HR Recruiter uses the basic process to approve the job vacancy, which is usually done by the top management in the case of the simple organization. The approval of the job vacancy plays the role of the start of the recruitment process.

Even with the basic recruitment process, the step of the opening the job vacancy is the crucial one. The HR Recruiter has to understand clearly, what the job vacancy is open and what is the ideal profile of the job candidate.

Select the recruitment source

The easiest and simplest strategies in selecting the right recruitment sources are following the competitors. When the competitors are able to hire new employees from the recruitment source, your organization will be able to do the same.

The simplest recruitment source is the corporate website. The corporate website usually attracts potential employees, who know the company. It is a fantastic opportunity to grab them. At least, the corporate website can provoke them to send the job resume for a consideration.

The employee referrals are the other recruitment source to be used in the basic recruitment process. They offer the opportunity to employees to recommend their friends as the new employees.

Job interview

The job interview is the crucial recruitment process step. It is difficult to learn managers the job interviewing skills. The basic recruitment process should be always about two rounds of job interviews.

Human Resources should do the first round. The HR Recruiter should select the job candidates, who have the profile and competencies matching the corporate culture.

The hiring manager should do the second round job interview. The manager should focus clearly on the technical background of the job interviewee and fit with the team.

Make offer

Just Human Resources can issue the job offer. The basic recruitment process has to respect this basic rule. HR decides about the conditions of employment as the internal equity is kept.