Why to Outsource Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is the value added HR Process. It adds value to the organization, but it blocks a large proportion of HR resources and most of the recruitment process is the daily operation. HR can unblock a lot of potential by outsourcing the recruitment process.

HR does not support the recruitment process outsourcing as it loses one of the main customers servicing process of Human Resources. The recruitment and staffing is usually a good process to build a strong business relationship on its basis. The manager has a strong need to hire a new employee and HR offers a complete solution.

The outsourcing of the recruitment process is about the clear definition of the strategic recruitment processes and the operational recruitment processes. The operational recruitment processes should be outsourced, and they have to be managed through the strategic recruitment processes.

What is the value added of the recruitment process outsourcing?

The recruitment process outsourcing is useful for the overall increase of the performance of the process. The companies with high volumes of job vacancies can achieve the cost savings through the recruitment outsourcing process.

The supplier of the outsourced recruitment process should bring the best practice in the recruitment process. The supplier should always monitor the market for the best practices in the recruitment area. The recruitment and staffing market is changing quickly as new recruitment sources evolves almost on a daily basis.

The vendor of the outsourced recruitment process has experience with the recruitment from many different clients and has many useful recommendations to run the recruitment process smoother.

The recruitment outsourcing can increase the satisfaction of managers with hiring new employees. The supplier usually uses recruitment know-how to decrease the time to fill, which is crucial for managers. The recruitment-outsourcing provider brings the process specialists, who optimize the operational part of the recruitment process and provides the client with the useful reports.

The supplier accepts the operational role in the recruitment process and delivers recommendations to the responsible employees in the organization. The supplier does not tend to manage the recruitment process strategically. The employees in Human Resources have the excellent opportunity to learn the strategic management of the business relationship.

The outsourcing of the recruitment process enables the resources in HR Function. As headcount is under a constant pressure, the outsourcing of the recruitment process can be an enormous help. The HR employees focus purely on setting and maintaining of the strategic position of the company on the job market. The supplier focuses on hiring the best talents.