Recruitment Outsourcing Guidelines

The recruitment outsourcing is not an easy project. The whole recruitment process outsourcing has to be planned, and the specific activities have to be identified as the final cooperation with the recruitment outsourcing supplier is smooth. The future recruitment outsourcing supplier should always deliver the basic outsourcing guidelines. The organization should implement the changes before the recruitment outsourcing process starts.

The recruitment process cannot be outsourced AS-IS; it has to be adjusted to the final TO-BE version before it can be passed to the recruitment services supplier. The AS-IS recruitment process is not suitable for the outsourcing; it has to be adjusted and adapted. The TO-BE recruitment process has more process steps and is more complex from the process management point of view. It is extremely valuable as the contract with the outsourcing supplier depends heavily on the design of the recruitment process.

The supplier of the recruitment outsourcing should not push on the immediate hand-over of the recruitment; the supplier should advise the project approach (quick progress through several process steps). The supplier should not push for the immediate generation of the cashflow; the excellent supplier of the recruitment outsourced services is patient and prefers the long-term relationship.

The basic outsourcing guidelines are usually provided by the good suppliers, and they offer the help of their internal process consultants.

Additionally, the recruitment outsourcing guidelines should describe the roles of the supplier and organization in the new recruitment process.

Recruitment Process Redesign

The recruitment outsourcing guidelines should include the draft of the recruitment redesign project plan. The guidelines should provide hints and tips for setting the team, the principles of communication and communication for managers in the organization.

The supplier should be involved in the redesign of the recruitment process. The supplier has experience with the modern recruitment processes and can provide many useful tips for the recruitment process improvement.

The recruitment redesign should define the strict start of the recruitment process and the process steps taken before the outsourcing partner takes over the operational process steps. The clear definition of boundaries is essential in the recruitment of the new employee.

The redesigned process has to solve the issue of passing the job candidate back to the organization for the necessary administration. The organization has to decide about the final step of the recruitment process – Make Offer. This step can be fully outsourced (but the supplier manages the personnel expenses), or organization can have the final step of the recruitment process in-house.

Strategic Recruitment Processes

The recruitment process outsourcing guidelines should list the potential sub processes of the complex recruitment process. The supplier should list them as the complex solutions works smoothly and briefly.

The organization should decide which sub processes are strategic and should be owned fully by the supplier. The selection of the strategic recruitment processes depends on the experience of the supplier. The management of the recruitment agencies can be strategic, but the experienced supplier can have a better negotiation position to achieve better prices.

The organization should always own the following processes:

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Recruitment Analysis
  • Recruitment Planning and Budgeting
  • Programs for the University Graduates
  • Corporate Recruitment Website Development
  • Recruitment KPIs and Recruitment Measures

Operational Recruitment Processes

The organization has a clear goal for the recruitment outsourcing. The operational recruitment processes should be outsourced and measured. The supplier should be fully responsible for meeting the recruitment goals, recruitment KPIs and other terms and conditions from the outsourcing contract.

The supplier of the recruitment outsourcing should present the detailed list of the operational recruitment processes and targets for the individual recruitment processes.