Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The outsourcing of the recruitment process is one of the best opportunities in Human Resources to save headcount and costs. The recruitment and staffing is a value added HR Process, but it consumes too many resources of HR.

The outsourcing of the recruitment process has to be carefully planned, and the roles and responsibilities in the recruitment process have to be clearly divided. The strategic role in the recruitment has to be kept in the organization. The outsourcing vendor should receive just the implementation of the recruitment process.

Main Guidelines for the Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The organization can decide to introduce  the recruitment process outsourcing to reduce the workload of Human Resources.  It can choose to utilize the highly standardized recruitment process to save costs of the organization.

The company should always keep the strategic part of the recruitment process internally as it can achieve its strategic position on the job market. The vendor should not ever set the recruitment strategy for the company. The vendor wants to meet the defined targets in the outsourcing contract. The organization always wants to hire the best talents. The organization has to be always deciding the strategic decisions in the recruitment process, and the vendor has to respect and follow such decisions.

The vendor of the recruitment outsourcing should always validate the knowledge of the industry and the local market conditions. The organization can be attracted by the excellent offer of the vendor, which makes the global outsourcing (usually running a large outsourcing center in India). This proposal is attractive, but the solution does not have to meet all the requirements of the organization and its top executives.

Main Benefits of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The recruitment process outsourcing offers many benefits to the organization, when the outsourcing deal is done correctly, and the recruitment process is described. The description has to include the precise roles and responsibilities in the recruitment process and the escalation procedures.

The main benefits of the recruitment process outsourcing are:

  • Defined Targets – the supplier is obliged to meet the realistic expectations of management and the time to hire should decrease;
  • Capacity for other HR Initiatives – the recruitment does not eat the capacities of Human Resources and it can deliver more value added to the organization;
  • Manageable costs of recruitment – the vendor can be responsible for selecting the recruitment sources and managing the recruitment budget.

Additionally, the rapidly developing organization can decide about the recruitment process outsourcing to handle high volumes of job vacancies, job resumes and job candidates while keeping the time to hire and quality of candidates.

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