How to set Goals Training

The modern company depends on managers’ ability to set the right goals to employees. The modern organization needs a clear focus of managers and employees on strategic imperatives and the business strategy. Managers have to be skilled in setting goals to employees.

They have to be skilled in monitoring the progress during the year. Many managers fail in setting challenging goals. They need to be trained in goal setting. HR has to design and develop the specialized goal setting training for managers new in the position.

The modern competitive organization has to be ahead its competitors. The organization has to focus on bringing innovations and the constant improvement of the performance. The organization needs a clear business strategy and the top management focusing on the business strategy execution. The executives should not focus on daily issues; they pay the line management to deal with them. The organization needs the proper implementation of strategic goals. It needs to gain and sustain the competitive advantage.

The organization designs the goal setting process, and it asks managers to follow the defined procedure. It does not provide any support to managers during the goal setting procedure. It usually does not provide any guidance in the process of the translation the business strategy into departmental and personal goals.

The manager needs to fulfill the departmental goals. The manager needs to distribute tasks as the yearly goals are achieved. The manager has to develop the department as it is recognized as a successful department. The manager needs the visibility in the organization. The manager without the visibility has no chance for the promotion. The manager has to make a tough decision about the distribution of challenging goals among employees.

The manager needs to split the operational and operational duties and tasks. The manager cannot stop working on the operational daily stuff. The manager needs to motivate employees as they take more responsibilities. The manager needs to motivate employees to find innovative and creative ways of doing things. The motivation to take more responsibilities should be a part of goal setting training.

The employee needs a challenging change. Creative employee does not want to do the same job for years. The motivation in the organization is about learning, promotion, visibility and the recognition. The employees need challenges. Each employee wants to stop doing the repetitive stuff. On the other hand, the employee has to understand that it is the role of the employee to eliminate the repetitive stuff from a job.

The manager and the employee have to find a compromise, which does not hurt the performance of the department, but it provides enough motivation.

Goal Setting Skills Training Content

HR should define a clear and straightforward content of Goal Setting Skills Training. HR should teach managers in getting the certainty about the goal setting process. The challenging goals positively influence the motivation of employees and make the organization more competitive on the market.

HR has to connect all needs of different stakeholders in the goal setting process. HR has to teach managers how to translate the business strategy into the individual goals. They have to learn the creative approach to understand the final vision of the organization and the role of the department in it.

The organization needs the efficient goal setting process, and HR should provide managers with tools and know-how about the business strategy. Managers should understand the position of the organization on the market and key areas for development. The managers should understand, what are the strategic imperatives of the company. The detailed explanation of the business strategy and the strategic initiatives for the following year has to be a part of goal setting training.

The goal setting skills training should include the part about the balanced development of the department. The manager has to learn, how to create the space for innovations and how to support employees in taking more responsibilities.

The goal setting procedure is run once a year, and it can ruin the motivation of employees. Dealing and negotiating with employees has to be a part of training for managers.