HR Model Design

The HR Model should be designed during the team sessions as many as possible members of Human Resources can participate on the creation of the new HR Model. The employees of HR should be attached to the procedure as the buy-in is the essential component of the success.

The HR Model can be drawn within few minutes in one office, but the people will just find “This is will not work”, the HR Manager should motivate them to find “We will make the HR Model living”.

The design of the HR Model has to be moderated process as the results has a guaranteed quality and it meets the requirements of the HR Management Team. The employees are free to bring their ideas, but they should them bring them at the right moment and then they have to be forced to labor them into details.

The HR Model is not about the details of the HR Processes, HR Responsibilities and HR Jobs, but the HR Management Team should be able to divide them on the basis of the HR Model. The HR Model defines the role and operation of Human Resources and the employees should be forced to have this idea, when they brainstorm and design.

The process of the design of the HR Model is about the following steps:

  1. Meet the internal clients and find out their expectations from HR
  2. Turn the expectations into a clear requirement from HR Team
  3. Leave HR Employees to brainstorm in 4 main areas – HR Jobs, HR Roles and Responsibilities, HR Processes and HR Clients
  4. Ask HR Employees to prepare the HR SWOT Analysis for the implementation of the new HR Model
  5. Set the implementation team
  6. Monitor the progress of the implementation

The HR Employees are smart and they are able to manage most implementation issues on their own, but they would like to report their progress and the HR Model is extremely important issue and the HR Management should monitor the progress regularly.