HR Model Benefits

The HR Model helps to set the HR Processes, HR Responsibilities, HR Roles and HR Job Profiles correctly. The HR Model does not help to improve the job of Human Resources on its own, it is a good tool for making adjustments and changing the organization structure of HR.

The HR Model can be used for the evaluation of the current HR Processes, it helps to abandon the processes, which are not needed and they are run just because “it worked this way so far” and it helps to adjust employees to the new HR Roles.

The HR Model does not have to be sophisticated, the HR Model help to the HR Management team to set new HR Roles and Responsibilities as they are clearly visible and the organization of Human Resources keeps the internal and external logics.

The HR Model does not manage Human Resources. HR Model helps to the HR Management to keep consistent decisions about the proper setting of HR Processes and to allow employees to understand their own power to decide. The HR Model can be designed quickly, when the HR Management keeps its focus on it and it can save a lot of the effort in the future, when the decision about the new process, new responsibilities have to be made.

The HR Model should be a part of every larger HR Organization as it explains quickly and easily, how the department is structured and the HR Roles and Responsibilities are clear enough for the new comer.