Organizational Diagnosis

The HR Business Partner should be responsible for the organizational diagnosis, but they can use the resources given from HR Team and the internal client’s employees. When the team knows about the organizational architecture, they can start the internal organizational diagnosis.

It is important that the team will decide about the organizational architecture as the organizational architecture sets the limits and the scope for the team. When the architecture is not given, the result can be a complete chaos. The architecture pushes the team to use a long-term view and not coming into short-term decisions. The organizational diagnosis is similar to the financial audit process. The audit process is defined and the auditors strictly follow the given rules and procedures.

The team has to follow the procedure of the organizational diagnosis and it has to set the correct frame for the new organizational architecture or to identify the gaps in the current one.

The organizational diagnosis helps to set the right frame to make the business strategy successful. The management sets the right goals in all the important areas of the organizational architecture as the organization can keep the success in the long term view.