Organizational Architecture Evaluation

The organizational diagnosis changes the organization architecture to the evaluation tool. The factors identified during the discussions about the organizational architecture helps to identify the strength and weaknesses of the organization.

The HR Business Partner has to transform the organizational architecture to the strong evaluation tool. The organizational architecture defines the ideal, the evaluation of the organization against the model identify the gaps.

The HR Business Partner does not have to make the evaluation on his or her own, the discussion during the evaluation is more important than the final scores. As the discussion shows different point of views, the real evaluation can be adjusted according the outcomes from the discussions.

The discussion is done against the organizational architecture (current one) and the defined business strategy. The HR Business Partner has to understand, the main goal is to prepare the organization to accomplish the business strategy, which needs definitely some adjustments in the current organizational model and organizational architecture.

The purpose of the whole discussion is to find the connections between the organization and the rest of the business strategy as these connections can be hidden for many managers. When they are not pushed to discuss them, they can completely ignore them and it can hurt the performance of the organization in the future.