Leadership and Organizational Design

The good leadership role is very important for the organization. As the organization does need a strategic vision and strategic decisions about the organizational development, the leaders are the only players in the organization to make the decisions about the organizational design for the growing organization.

The leaders or founders do not realize, when they found the organization, how important their role is for the successful organizational life. When they set up the organization, which is decentralized, the roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, the organization has a chance for the successful survival.

The leadership role in the organizational design is about the correct setting the basic organizational rules, the organizational governance and specific areas of the personal responsibility in the organization.

The leaders have to focus on their leadership role, not managing the operational life of the organization. The leaders have to be sure about their role in the organization and they have to be very specific in their messages about the organizational design. The leaders have to recognize the level of importance of the daily tasks and they have to set an efficient controlling over the organization to recognize the main trends and to be able to set the corrective initiatives.

The leaders have to set the basic rules for the organizational design and they have to monitor the development of the organization and the organizational rules development. The leaders should keep the organization in the shape they want the organization to be.