Main HR Front Office Tasks

The HR Front Office has several tasks to make the HRM Function successful. The HR Front Office is the main communication channel of the HRM Function, which trasmits information both ways.

The HR Front Office is the part of the HRM Function to recognize the needs of the internal clients and to have a contact with the external market and external job market to bring new ideas to the organization.

The tasks of the HR Front Office include:

  1. Communication with the internal clients
  2. Advising the business leaders in the area of the human capital development in their area
  3. The channel to distribute the HRM Strategy to the organization
  4. The tool to develop the management skills in leadership and management of employees
  5. Identify the issues of the employees and managers in the area and proactively search for the solutions aligned with the HRM Strategy
  6. Understanding to the HR Policies and HR Procedures prepared by the Centers of Excellence and their implementation at the client side.
  7. Helping the client to implement strategic projects and minimize their impact on the employees in the area
  8. Participation on the leadership potential in the function and helping to design and implement their development plans
  9. Helping the client to plan the resources and to make sure the plan is aggressive and challenging

The role of the HR Front Office is not about meeting all the wishes of the internal client; it is about a building the fair relationship with the client to help him or her to develop efficient solutions for the future.