What is not a role of HR Business Partner

The HR Business Partnership model is about the real partnership model. The partnership is about sharing the responsibility, the trust, honest feedback and mutual co-operation. Many times, the HR Managers do not know, how to implement the real HR Business Partnership concept and they implement it just partly. That Human Resources shares everything and the partner just uses the services.

The HR Business Partnership is not a support-ship. The relationship has to be balanced and both parties have to feel the benefits and reciprocal obligations arising from the mutual co-operation. When the relationship is imbalanced, the relationship cannot work as one party does not trust the other. The HR Business Partnering model is about the commitment of both partners to work on strengthening the relationship and getting better results.

The HR Business Partner is not the administrative support to the leader or a manager of the unit. They have to share ideas, they have to work together and they have to make the decision in the people managing area together. When the manager of the unit does not follow these simple rules, the HR Business Partnering concept does not work. When the HR Business Partner accepts the decisions of the manager automatically, the relationship is not working. The manager can be satisfied, but Human Resources gets no benefit from such a relationship, just a workload.

The HR Business Partner is not the HR Administration Partner in the business. The HR Business Partner has to make the steps together with the manager, who has the final responsibility for the employees. The HR Business Partner acts as the consultant for the manager and as the HR Manager inside Human Resources, who is able to get the best solution from HR Back Office and HR Centers of Excellence.

The HR Business Partner is not working just for the internal client, he or she works for Human Resources mainly. The HR Business Partner has to look for the best solution inside Human Resources and then it is the role of the HR Business Partner to transfer the generic HR solution to the client’s side and to successfully implement it.  The HR Business Partner works for Human Resources and agrees with the internal client the best way, how to conduct the HR procedures, which are obligatory for the whole organization.

Being the slave is not a function of the HR Business Partner. The introduction of the HR Business Partnering model is difficult as the managers are not willing to share their issues with the HR Specialist and they want to use just the provided HR services and to have a person to tell the requests to. The HR Business Partner has to be a strong person as each relationship starts with setting the boundaries and rules, which are agreed by both sides.