HR Business Partner

Human Resources wants to be the Business Partner for the business leaders, top managers and managers in the organization. It does not want to support the business; it aims to be co-responsible for the business results.

Building the position of the HR Business Partner is a long journey and HR has to be extremely confident and it has to overcome many pitfalls. The HR Team has to change the way it works as the goal of business partnering can be reached.

The HR Business Partner is an expert in the area of the people management, but the HR Business Partner has a deep knowledge of the processes and products offered by the organization, understands the issues solved at the client’s side and contributes to discussions and takes the part of the responsibility for the decisions.

The HR Business Partner is not partnering just the managers, it has to build a fair relationship with the employees as they feel the commitment of Human Resources to protect their rights in the organization.

The HR Business Partner has to have the balanced approach to managers and employees and the business partner has to keep his or her goals in mind.

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