HR G&Os to Make Business Sustainable

Human Resources Management is about the strategic contribution to the growth and sustainability of the organization (including other crucial HR services, as well). HR Goals and Objectives has to be about the sustainable growth of the organization and ensuring the future of the company.

No modern HR Department can operate without succession plans, talent development plans and career management. Being a top employer is a must. Today, the competitive advantage is purely born from high performing and creative employees. The sustainability should be a hot topic for each strategic HR meeting, and all employees of Human Resources have to contribute.

There is no single definition of the sustainability and the role of Human Resources in it. The sustainable business is ready for the challenges coming in the future. It is not a risk management practice; it is an approach to the management of employees, processes and products. Such an organization is not surprised and reacts to changed external or internal conditions.

It adapts quickly and continues in its growth. It does not require highly sophisticated HR process; it requires the alignment of procedures and sticking to actions planned. Human Resources, which focus on the sustainability of the organization, achieves success today without compromising the needs of the future. It is about the strategic Human Resources Management.

HR Professionals need to focus on the talent management. The internal and external talent pools are a must for the organization that is focused on the sustainability of its existence on the market. The company has to be ready to hire new talents immediately in case of the opportunity for the rapid growth.

HR has to map the job market and identify all top talents working for competitors. On the other hand, HR has to map internal talents as well, and it has to design processes allowing them to develop their skills and competencies. They do not have to attend a leadership development programs; they can be given the freedom to choose their ways of the development. It is cheap, and it pays back quickly.

Being quick is usually about being the first one to market. It pays. Rich talent pools have to be a part of the strategic HR Goals and Objectives.

HR has to focus on its position on the job market. It is another HR Objective linked to the sustainability of the business. It is not just about promoting vacancies; the task is far more complex, the recruitment process has to include social media, corporate social responsibility, the wide range of internships and the positive communication of the corporate culture.

Being just the employer of choice is not sufficient. HR has to build a complex mix of the positive recruitment communication so that the organization can choose from the best talents available.

The active leadership development and succession planning is another strategic HR Goal. HR has to design processes and procedures, which help to identify and develop high potentials. It has to design policies which retain high potentials in the company, and which make the organization attractive to them. Many organizations identify high potential employees, but they lose them.

HR has to define processes that keep them engaged and highly motivated. These workers are attacked by competitors; however, the modern HR should be able to protect them by offering attractive compensation packages and allowing them to change their jobs often.

Last, the sustainable business takes care about the internal and external equity. The internal equity is even more important, because employees recognize the fair approach of the company. At least the internal equity has to be a part of the strategic HR Goals and Objectives.