Social Media Goals and Objectives

Social media are a modern communication phenomenon. Human Resources is the department that communicates with employees, managers, leaders, external vendors and trusted external social media communities. HR Manager has to be extremely strong in soft skills. HR is about the engagement of employees in the life of the organization.

Social media are a great help for the HR Specialist. They can make communication faster, centered around internal and external clients, be specific for different target audiences, and they can build innovative teams and groups consisting of internal and external resources.

Social media are a real platform for the two-way communication. HR can send messages and receive the immediate and honest feedback from employees. It is a great advantage for the HR team with the courage to stand in front of the staff. HR can send key messages through social media and link them with details on the corporate Intranet. However, what should be the goals and objectives for HR Social Media?

The most common goals and objectives for HR Social Media are:

  1. strong internal social media platform supporting the corporate culture;
  2. build internal social media channels and personas representing employees;
  3. establish a strong brand name on the main social media platforms supporting the business strategy;
  4. develop a strong recruitment platform with a worldwide impact;
  5. engage critical external and internal talents into innovative groups.

The modern organization should build a strong internal social media communications platform. Employees feel involved when they have a chance to build communities for a direct communication between them. They do not need any approval, or they do not require a long approval process to build the internal distribution list.

Emails are boring, but short motivating messages about new ideas are creative and inspiring. HR should be the advocate in the leadership team and find resources to build the internal social network that will be freely available to employees. This is a great goal for social media experts in Human Resources.

The HR Social Media Specialist has to divide employees into different personas. The personas help to streamline the communication with employees. Personas represent different target groups and act as the role model for them. It is easier to work with such models than trying to specify interests of each employee. They can just find the right profile and follow it. They do not follow the organizational structure; they make choices based on interests and preferences.

The organization needs a strong brand name that vibrates in social media. The brand is crucial for the external audiences because they can quickly follow the company. They can spread job vacancies and recommend best talents from other businesses. It is not head hunting; it is just the recruitment referral.

The social media recruitment is another modern phenomenon. It is not just a simple posting of job vacancies. It is about writing interesting stories about the life in the organization and enriching them with employment opportunities for those who are interested. It works great because people tend to organize themselves around topics of the interest. The recruitment through social platforms like Twitter are cheap, quick and targeted. However, the HR social media specialist has to identify right target groups, follow them and engage as the reliable source of useful information.

Finally, the ultimate goal for the HR Social Media Specialist is about building innovative groups of employees and external experts, who collaborate and discuss challenging business topics.