The Most Important Goals for Human Resources

The HR Management in the company should as specific as possible. The management of the human capital should be focused on simple and straightforward tools allowing managers to lead and manage their teams. The HR Management cannot be theoretical, it has to be focused on delivering immediate results.

Mr. Caldwell defined 12 goals for the HR Management. The goals are derived from different HR Models and HR Practices. These 12 HR Management goals are:

  1. Management of employees as the assets. It is fundamental for developing the competitive advantage.
  2. Alignment of the HR Management, HR Strategy with other business policies and strategies. The business strategy and vision sets priorities for the HR Management in the organization.
  3. Alignment of the policies, procedures and process of the HR Management.
  4. Design of the flat and flexible organizational structures able to react quickly to the external changes.
  5. Support the cooperation with the teams and across different teams.
  6. Customer first as the part of the HR Policies and HR Management.
  7. Push of responsibilities into the lowest levels of the organization. The employees have to be responsible for their personal development and their career management.
  8. Development of compensation strategies focused on the support of the performance management and the performance focused corporate culture.
  9. Support of the employee engagement.
  10. Loyalty management.
  11. Introduction of the line management responsibility for the implementation of HR Policies.
  12. Developing managers as facilitators of the change in the organization.

These 12 goals of the HR Management should be included in each HR Strategy.