Strategic Role of HR Management

The role of the HR Management dramatically changes. The HR was the service for managers and the organization. It was designed to take care about the social environment in the organization. The increased competition on the market changed imperatives for Human Resources dramatically. The strategic role of HR Management in the organization was introduced. The top management expects HR to take the full responsibility in the area of the people management.

The employees are the key success factor for the modern and innovative organization. The importance of the proper management of HR increased and the top management demands new HR policies and practices. HR Management evolved. It strategically connects the HR strategy with the overall business strategy.

The translation of the business strategy into the competitive HR Strategy is a tough strategic mission for Human Resources. The HR Team has to identify the key challenges in the business strategy and has to prepare the HR plan for the development of the human capital in the organization. The HR Team has to influence the top management as it sets the right priorities for the line management.

The strategic role of HR brings a huge shift in the roles and responsibilities of HR. The HR Professionals start sharing goals and objectives with the line management. The HR Professionals are required to lead cross-functional strategic initiatives. HR is required to bring proposals and take actions to make the organization efficient and competitive.

The strategic role is in the pro-active approach. The HR Professional has to be a real business entrepreneur. The professional has to identify all opportunities for new initiatives and improvements. Today, the organizations are more efficient, but they are not perfect. Each successful HR Professional can identify opportunities for the improvement. Each HR Team has to be centered about employees and the performance of employees.

The HR as the strategic partner defines the key areas for the development of the organization. All initiatives and HR Projects have to aim to the efficient organization, which fully engages employees and attracts talents from the job market. The employees are innovative and ideas are quickly implemented (more on HR Role in Strategic Planning).

The strategic role of HR Management is about predicting and forecasting the future development. HR has to identify key areas for the development and it has to design proper analysis of threats coming from the market and competitors. HR has to proactively protect the know how of the organization and it has to protect its potential for the future.

HR has to strategically invest into the learning and development. It has to hugely invest into the leadership development as the new generation of managers is able to beat the competition. HR has to engage employees and it has to run the proper selection of talents from the external sources and internal talent pools.

The strategic role of HR changes the job profiles of HR employees. They are less focused on the service delivery. They are more focused on the delivery of HR solutions. They have to think broadly about the entire organization. They have to be skilled in the planning of activities. They have to skilled in the financial planning. They have to be experts in the change management.

The HR Management becomes strategic. It is not the case of the every organization, but the modern organizations gain the competitive advantage. The modern approaches in Human Resources will spread quickly.

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