Implementation of HR Strategic Partnership

Implementing HR Strategic Partnership is not an easy task. Many times new employees have to enter the field of Human Resources to ensure the success of the whole activity.

The whole process of the HR Strategic Partnership must be divided into two separate processes:

  • internal HR Business Partnership Implementation
  • HR Business Partnership Implementation with internal clients of HR

HR Strategic Partnership Implementation in HR

HR Team and HR Staff can be the biggest obstacle to the way to implement HR Business Partnership concept in the organization. Without a full involvement of the team members and their full acceptance of the concept, the effort of the implementation can be fully lost.

The HRM employees must fully understand the concept and they must know about all the issues of the implementation. The proper communication about the implementation progress of the HR Strategic Partnership must be established.

The HRM Management Team must define a clear vision and goals of the whole implementation process. The management team of Human Resources has to define a target status and the employees must have a chance to recognize the change in the whole concept.

The HRM Management Team must announce the most common issues during the implementation process. When the need to change several employees will occur, the employees must have to know in advance the criteria for the selection as they can prepare.

The implementation of the Strategic Partnership is a common job of the whole HR Team and it has to be recognized as the effort of the whole team.

HR Strategic Partnership with the Line Management

The buy-in of the line management is very important, but it is not that easy to get it. The line management needs time to accept Human Resources as the partners in their daily business and the function to make to the HR Strategic Recommendation a voice in their own decision.

The HR Team has to be patient one to see the full benefits of the HR Strategic Partnership implementation. The change in the organization cannot happen over the night.

The HR Team can support the whole effort by many simple activities – asking for the feedback in the implementation process, providing simple training to managers to understand the whole idea behind.

Also, HRM has to be sure about one thing – HR Strategic Partnership is not the issue of HRM, the whole business is involved and HRM has to ask for a regular formal feedback to evaluate the results.

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