Transparent HR Policies

The standardized HR policies are the essential part of the transparent and fair HR Management in the organization. The HR Policies have to be formalized and they have to published internally as employees and managers can understand key requirements and the standardized processes to be taken.

Most organizations fail in the design and development of modern and transparent HR policies. The policies are not written or they are obsolete. The policy describes the ideal process, but in reality – the approach of the management and HR is different. The modern HR Management needs to be openly documented.

The transparent, fair and modern organization needs formalized HR Policies and procedures. The internal fairness is about the equal approach to all employees. The employees have to get the access to policies as they can check the standardized approach in their case. Additionally, the managers need the access as they can protect and explain the approach of HR or the organization.

The formalized HR policies are the important component of the HR Leadership. The leadership is about setting the vision and the policy should help to make the vision happen. If the policy is in the conflict with the vision then the HR leadership team in the organization is not effective.

The organization with formal HR policies does not lose its flexibility. The policies does not have to be strict. The policy can describe the common approach and it can allow some deviations from the standardized and formalized process.

The development of fair policies is a difficult process. The policy has to be prepared by the dedicated team and all potential issues arising during the process have to be identified and the standardized solution has to be presented. The preparation of the HR policy should not be a task for a single person in Human Resources.

The transparent policies are usually reviewed by the sample of employees from the entire organization. They are kindly asked to read it and apply the policy to the daily operation of the business unit. They arise many concerns, questions and ideas. The HR team has to evaluate all questions and ideas and they should be incorporated into the policy.

The HR Management team has to decide about the flexibility rules included in the policy. The Chief HR Officer should have the right to decide about exceptions from the standardized process. Some exceptions should be escalated to the CEO to approve. It stops requirements for exceptions usually. However, each organization has some exceptions from the company standards. But these exceptions are described and tracked. It is the rule for the transparent organization.

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