HR Processes and HR Management

The modern HR Management has to be supported by the modern HR Process Management. HR Processes have to be fast, efficient, automated and standardized. The HR Processes are not simple as they are built around employees and their individual needs. The standardization of HR Processes and Procedures comes mainly with the implementation of the modern HRIS solution.

The focus of the modern HR Management to process is important as HR can deliver its promises on time and in defined quality. Many HR Departments fail to deliver results as promised. They have no proper HR model in place and they do not understand consequences of decisions and changes introduced into separated processes.

The HR Process Management usually starts with the development of the HR Model, which defines the main HR areas to be covered in the organization. The model defines the main processes covered in each area and the owner of the HR Process.

The process owner is responsible for the detailed description of the process, its inputs and its outputs. Many models can be used for the descriptions like the RACI model (RESPONSIBLE – ACCOUNTABLE – CONSULTED – INFORMED). These simple description models help to identify all participating parties in the process and identify their roles in the process.

The implementation of the RACI model improves the quality of processes and the quality of outcomes provided by Human Resources. The employee accountable for the results of the process is fully responsible for the set-up of the process and for the measurement of the process. It is a new thing to the modern HR Management. The HR Management becomes process-centric.

The process management in HR does not need to be as complex as the process management in the production factory. The model can allow several overlaps and many processes can be described just in high level.

However, HR has to describe the processes, which runs daily or monthly and they affect large populations. For example, the payroll process and the attendance process has to be described in a high detail and the policy has to be issued for managers and employees.

The modern HRIS solution increases the importance of the HR Process Management. The HRIS cannot be changed and re-implemented constantly. The automated solution needs stable and described processes. Most HRIS implementations start with the detailed description of AS-IS HR processes and the team focuses on the design and description of the TO-BE HR Processes.

The benefits of automated and lean HR Processes can be realized just in case of the proper design of processes. The HR Management philosophy in the organization has to define the main principles. The process team within HR has to defined the processes, which meet the criteria. The team has to decide about the number of decision makers involved in the process.

The modern HR Management is about processes. Additionally, it is about the quality of employees in HR and their skills and competencies.