How HR Influences Employee Motivation

The employee motivation is a good topic for Human Resources. HR is always called to be responsible for the employee motivation. The HR Professionals should include the employee motivation into their talks with the managers as they are responsible for the motivation of employees. Really. Human Resources sets the context and it sets the tools to manage the motivation, but the managers have to play their role.

The employee motivation is primarily the responsibility of the line management. The employees are members of their teams and they have to take care about their personal development and their satisfaction. No one else can be responsible for the direct communication with employees.

The managers have to understand; the HR Professionals set the general framework for the people management in the organization. They select the suitable employees during the recruitment and staffing process. They are not responsible for a daily work with the employees. Never.

The HR and managers have to agree on the common approach towards the employee motivation. The managers always argue about the salaries of employees and their motivation. But HR and the top management sets the limits and managers have to live within the given boundaries by the compensation policy. The employee motivation is not about salaries, it is about the approach toward employees. In each organization, there are departments with no fluctuation and there are departments with the high fluctuation. The main difference between the departments is the approach of the manager to his or her employees.

Human Resources has always defeat its role in the employee motivation. When the organization runs the survey about the employee motivation and the employee satisfaction, HR has to play an active part in the whole survey and it has to demonstrate the HR tools to motivate employees. The survey should not be about the satisfaction with Human Resources, it should be about the managerial skills to work with the tools provided from Human Resources.