Global HR Management

The international HR Management is a special area of the HR Management. It is the issue for the large international organizations, which needs to apply the same policies around the world. It faces issues with the different law structures and different cultures. The international HR Management is tough, if the organization plans to make the company look the same everywhere in the world. The international HR Management evolved as a special category.

The global organization faces many people management related issues and it needs global solutions. It means, that the local policies have to be managed by the global guidelines. Each global organization needs the same approach in the following areas:

  • Performance Management
  • Employee Assessment
  • Pay for Performance
  • Training and Development
  • Global Mobility of Workforce
  • HR Reporting and HR Controlling

The global company needs a mobility of employees as it can build a better global management structures. It does not want to limit the local offices, but it needs a global corporate governance as the growth of the organization is managed. The international HR Management is the best answer to the need of the unified approach in the people management around the Globe.

The top management of the organization needs to utilize the full potential of the global organization. The talents are not grown just in the home country. Many ideas are born in local offices and they have to be transferred as the best practices to other offices. The international management is true challenge for Human Resources.

The international HR Management usually starts with the development of the global corporate culture and values. The specialists should be usually invited as the corporate culture is difficult to transfer among countries. Even in Europe, where many nations share a small area of the land, the cultural challenges are huge. The historical developments are different and they formed cultures and behaviors of people.

The organization cannot transfer the corporate culture from the home country. It has to develop the global values, which can be shared across many countries. It should be always a start for the development of the true global organization.

The headquarters have to be patient. It has to research the local offices to identify the HR best practices. Many local offices design a better HR practice than the home country. The brave HR headquarters identify the strong local HR practices and accepts them as best practices for others. It does not push the home policies as best practices to local offices.

The push of global policies creates a lot of push-back and the local offices refuse to follow defined policies and procedures. They do not resist visibly, they just ignore the key principles in the global policies.

The international HR Management is about the culture of the cooperation and mutual inspiration. The best HR employees should be promoted and they should set up the international center of excellence. This center should collect the local practices and it should design the best practices to be followed internationally. The local offices should see their practices used as the global ones. It increases the trust of local offices and makes spreading of unified global approaches much easier.

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