Changing HR Role in the Organization

HR Role in the organization is quickly changing, HRM has been developing for several decades and the function is not that mature as many people would expect. The real concept of Human Resources responsible for the human capital inside the organization evolved in the early 70ies of the 20th century.

HR Role in the organization is changing from the industry to the industry and it also depends a lot on the country, in which the organization operates. The dream position of every HRM Department is to become a fully recognized business partner. HRM gets more and more responsibilities and participates on strategic initiatives in the organization.

The role of HR is very dependent on the employees and management in the HR Department. Many times, the HRM Function does not work with sophisticated processes, but the employees inside are so mature, the HR Role and HR Position are very visible to the rest of the organization.

This chapter is focused on description of the HR Role inside the organization and it potential consequences to the other HR Processes and to the HR Organizational Structure.