HR Management Description

The HR Management is about managing the development and the performance of employees employed in the organization. Many organizations say, that employees are their most valuable assets. They have just a different behavior then. The HR Management is about the corporate philosophy behind the people management, values of the organization, HR Strategy and other people management stuff.

The HR Management in the organization is determined by the corporate values and the corporate culture. The high performing organization has a different HR Management style and philosophy than the mature organization.

The HR Management Theories are still under a heavy development as the human capital management is a crucial component for the development of the sustainable competitive advantage. The theories focus mainly on the interactions between the management, the organization and employees. HR is not a function, which defines the content of the corporate culture, but it contributes to the positive development of it.

The HR Management is based on the following HR Management Components:

These basic components are designed to create the modern HR Management system for the organization. The HR team has to set priorities for the implementation as the evolution of the state-of-the-art HR system is a long term effort. The HR Strategy sets the main priorities and goals for the team.

The modern and competitive organization invests into the development of HR Management Practices as the return on the investment is high. The top talents are recruited to build a competitive HR Function, which is able to design efficient HR Processes and implements HR Policies, which drive the efficiency of the people management in the company.

The HR Management is not just about the policies and procedures. It is not just about the roles and responsibilities of HR. It is about the relationship of HR with the line management. HR sets the rules for the game and leads managers to work with the employees efficiently and correctly. The compliance of HR is a top priority today as the fair and consistent HR procedures contribute to the satisfaction of employees at all levels of the organization.

The HR Management support the long term goals of the organization, provides processes and tools for the line management to meet the required levels of the performance and for the management of the employee life cycle in the company.

HR develops the HR Model, which is aligned with the business strategy, the corporate culture and the HR Strategy. The corporate culture and the business strategy are crucial for the efficient and modern HR Management. They define the way the organization makes decisions and behavior the organization really values and rewards. Each HR Management philosophy always starts with the definition of the desired HR Model as the HR organization works smoothly and delivers results.