HR Management Philosophy

The HR Management Philosophy is not mainly about Human Resources Function. It is more about the leadership style of the top management, the current corporate culture and values. It is about the vision of the leader of the organization. The modern leader usually requires a modern HR Management approach and builds the environment suitable for the evolution of the modern HR Management. This is the HR Management Philosophy behind the scene.

The development of the HR Management Philosophy is a long term process. The philosophy is usually informal and respects values and opinions of the main stakeholders. The leader of the organization has a significant influence on the HR Philosophy. The HR Leader is the next one influencing the philosophy significantly.

The informality of the HR Management Philosophy is important. It differentiates it from the HR Strategy. The philosophy is the set of values, behavior and practices. The practices are extremely crucial for the leader. The leader is not interested in written formal HR policies. The leader is interested in the real decision processes in the organization. They can be really different from the written rules (as people do not follow them, they follow the philosophy).

The main factors influencing the HR philosophy in the organization are:

  • Leadership Style
  • Corporate Culture
  • Corporate Values
  • Market Competition

The leadership style is extremely important. The leaders of the organization are the role models for managers and employees. The manager always try to act as the leader does. The behavior is observed and spread across the entire organization. The leader sets the basic expectations from all employees and managers. They adjust their behavior to be fully compliant with the leader’s expectations. The HR Management Philosophy is the same story.

The leader is usually the person, who starts the change or the re-design of the HR Management Philosophy. The leader observes the behavior in the organization and requests several changes. The leader usually calls a new HR leader, who is responsible for the leadership in the change management. The biggest task is to change the behavior of the leader.

The corporate culture and the corporate values define boundaries for the HR Management philosophy. The HR Management cannot be in the conflict with the corporate culture. It has to be a natural part of the culture. In case of the changes in the HR Philosophy, the HR team has to start influencing the corporate culture. It has to be adjusted as well. The change of the corporate culture is the joint effort of the leadership management and Human Resources. It has to be changes by changes of the living examples. The employees will follow the changes naturally.

The external market and the direct and indirect competitors have the influence on the HR Management Philosophy. The competitors define the industry standard. The completely different approach usually builds the organizational weakness. The HR Philosophy has to be better, it cannot be completely different.

The leader usually compares the performance of the organization with the direct competitors on the market. The leader identifies weaknesses and advantages. In case of the need, the leader provokes the change of the corporate culture and the HR philosophy.